The Innovation Lab created an opportunity for me to achieve out-of-reach goals that built the foundation of my college applications and career... I learned more useful skills that set me apart in college in the Innovation Lab than in any A.P. class.
— Rostam Reifschneider '17, MIT Class of '21

Joyce Hsieh

Joyce is the founder of her own clothing company - Wild Daisy (now silk&honey). She took multiples classes in the Innovation Lab, worked on the laser cutter and conducted design projects around variable desktop lighting and oral hygiene for the elderly.

Joyce is taking a gap year to work on her companies before starting at NYU Stern School of Business majoring in Marketing.


Rostam Reifschneider

Rostam was a prolific member of the Innovation Lab for two years. He started his own business, Meraki Skate Company; presented as a Finalist in the Smithsonian - Cooper Hewitt National Design Competition in New York City; and was twice named a semi-finalist in the University of Delaware's Diamond Challenge Business Competition.

Rostam is currently majoring in Mechanical Engineering and Business Management and minoring in Entrepreneurship and Innovation at MIT.


Dan Schott

Along with Rostam, Dan started the Meraki Skate Company built around their innovative slide pucks. They were the first group to receive funding from the Torrey Explorers' Fund. Dan also completed two Design & Innovation courses, and created numerous products during his free time in the Lab.

Dan is currently studying Entrepreneurial Management at TCU's Neeley School of Business.


Adriana Goodman

Adriana Goodman was in the inaugural Design & Innovation class. She pitched a neighborhood noise app that crowdsources ambient noise measurements for prospective buyers/renters to the Torrey Explorers' Fund. She also designed a custom power control system for the laser cutter. 

Adriana is currently majoring in Mechanical Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University.